Note: Immigration is not travel !!

Migration requires you to disconnect from your dependents on your current family, friends, school, university, city and workplace and life. When the word “migration” is heard, it evokes distant loved ones, relatives, fears of homesickness and loneliness. On the other hand, the hope of opening new doors of success, increasing the level of science and enhancing the quality of life and achieving greater personal and social freedom .

Immigrants have a variety of motives in their decision making and action. Social, political, economic, unemployment and even family problems include some, and others include improved financial conditions, academic progress, and the use of superior education and training. Finding a better life for themselves and their children is seen as the goal of migration.

Before proceeding with immigration, it is advisable to carefully weigh all aspects and consult with experienced immigration experts and experts. If you are relatively satisfied with your living and working conditions and finances, do not dream of living and working abroad and be careful about what you are going through and what you will gain in return for immigration and whether Your financial, educational, and English proficiency levels are such that you can pull yourself out of the water for a while to gradually get used to the environment and find a good source of income. So be careful that you are going to live in the US, Canada or any other country by immigration, not just for fun. Of course, if you do the right thing, you can achieve a higher quality of life by working, earning money, having fun, enjoying a happy and free environment, and enjoying the comforts and conveniences of a migrant. Get higher health and education and outline a good and bright future for yourself and your children.